The cover I chose to redesign was for my favorite book “Feed” by M.T Anderson (2002). The redesign also aims to capture to appeal to a newer age audience as I felt the original cover felt dated and lacked the emphasis on modern visuals / fonts when the content of the book focuses on future and innovation. 
The novel revolves around a dystopian background so I wanted to keep an ominous look and feel to my cover to lead the viewer into seeking more. I aimed to abstract the cover and conceptualize the cover based on the storyline within the book. The main story revolves around brain implant transmitters that are placed within people. So based on this, I delved deeper into focusing on the electronic transmission waves and relay this visually manner. The multicolored waves represent the transmission wavelengths that are produced by the electronic device featured in the book. I wanted to visually hint at this aspect without giving the entire plot away on the cover of the book, hence abstracting and taking it into a different direction than the original book cover. 
I further reinforced this idea by implementing electronic fuzz onto the background. This fits into the theme and concept of the book but also has a hidden meaning behind it. Within the book Feed, the devices create a mental block. I took this into consideration and created a visual representation of “mental fog”. The color palette and focus were important to me while designing. I wanted to create a contrast, juxtaposing the multicolored wavelengths and title text with the muted background. This was important to me as it creates a visual hook, something to capture the viewer’s attention and draw them in.

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